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At Visiofactory all our optical lenses are of the best quality thanks to our exclusive partnership with BBGR, French lens maker (the subsidiary of the Essilor group).


The BBGR group has been awarded  by many Golden Silmo (International Professional Optical and spectacle trade exhibit) for its innovation, especially for its super resistant lens treatment as well as for its anti UV resistant white lens with its innovative cutting geometry.  


Our Visioform progressive lens (registered trademark) is also developed by the BBGR group and belong to the last innovative generation of progressive lens with digital Freeform surfacing tailored according to the correction. An individualized view card “carrier” is also offered to guarantee the authenticity of your BBGR items.


The variable-tint treatments are from the Transition brand, world renowned leader company in lens that darkens when exposed to the sunlight.


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