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Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses sunglasses

Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses sunglasses

Ray-Ban Meta, the result of collaboration between Ray-Ban and EssilorLuxottica, is the next generation of connected eyewear. They combine Ray-Ban's iconic style with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to stay connected while capturing memorable moments. Ray-Ban Meta lets you take photos and videos from your unique vantage point, capturing the special moments in your life.

Ray-Ban's elegant design has been preserved, offering hands-free comfort and directional speakers. The audio experience has been enhanced with custom speakers offering deeper bass and higher volume, reducing sound disturbance.
The ultra-large 12 MPx camera enables high-quality photos and videos of up to 60 seconds. You can instantly share your memories with loved ones thanks to simple voice commands. These glasses are equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 chip, guaranteeing superior photo and video processing. The charging case has been redesigned to provide up to 36 hours of use. The Ray-Ban Meta collection includes the iconic Wayfarer model and a retro-look Headliner model, available in matte black and gloss black, as well as three new transparent frame colors. Ray-Ban Meta is designed to help you live every moment to the full while staying connected.

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Connect with the World – Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban and EssilorLuxottica present the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, a fusion of iconic style and innovative technology.

Discover the next generation of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, the result of our partnership with EssilorLuxottica. These smart glasses combine the legendary Ray-Ban style with advanced features, allowing you to stay connected while creating unforgettable memories. These glasses are available starting at 329 EUR and can now be pre-ordered on meta.com and ray-ban.com. The official release is scheduled for October 17*.

Capture and Share Special Moments

Whether at music festivals, birthday parties, your child's first steps, or graduation ceremonies, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses offer you a unique way to capture these precious moments. Unlike conventional cameras that can distance you from the action, these glasses enable you to take photos and videos from your own perspective, allowing you to fully savor the moment while preserving it.

Redesigned Design for a Better Experience

We have completely reimagined these smart glasses, incorporating feedback from our users and seeking improvements. The elegant Ray-Ban design, hands-free convenience, and directional speakers have been preserved. We have also enhanced all the key features of the first generation and introduced new ones.

Enhanced Audio Experience

The new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses feature custom-made speakers with deeper bass, higher maximum volume, and improved sound direction, reducing disruptions during phone calls, music playback, and podcasts, even in noisy environments. You can now enjoy audio that is twice as loud compared to the first generation. Audio recording in videos is also improved through a five-microphone system that captures immersive sound.

Capture High-Quality Moments

With a new ultra-wide 12-MP camera, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses provide outstanding photo and video quality, with a maximum recording time of 60 seconds. You can easily share your memories with friends and family using voice command "send a photo." Your images are captured in portrait orientation, ensuring authentic representation of your moments. The enhanced Meta View app makes sharing on your favorite platforms even easier.

Top-Notch Performance

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are equipped with the brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 chip, ensuring better processing of photos and videos, as well as faster calculations. With the redesigned and stylish charging case, you can enjoy 36 hours of uninterrupted use, making it the perfect companion for when you're on the go.

A Design that Reflects You

The Ray-Ban Meta collection includes the iconic Wayfarer model (in both standard and large sizes) and a new Headliner design with a retro look, available in matte and glossy black. Additionally, three new transparent frame colors (Jeans, Rebel Black, and Caramel) celebrate the technology that surrounds them. With over 150 individual frame and lens combinations on the Ray-Ban Remix platform, you can create the style that reflects you on ray-ban.com.

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are designed to provide you with a unique experience, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment while staying connected. Don't miss the opportunity to pre-order yours now!

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