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All the answers about Oakley PRIZM lenses

Do you know Oakley Prizm glasses™ ? 

Prizm ™ technology is designed to enhance contrast and color, allowing more detail to be seen.

Oakley uses a proprietary blend of lens tints to achieve color optimization.

Prizm ™ plays on the perception of colors, which visually translates into vivid and vibrant colors. In terms of contrast, these lenses make it possible to enhance the perception of depth. You will be able to better perceive objects and details of your surroundings. This allows you to better see details that would have been invisible to the naked eye!

Prizm ™ polarized lenses

Oakley also offers a combination of two technologies that complement each other perfectly: Prizm ™ and polarization. Prizm ™ will intensify the colors, when the polarization will reduce glare.

But not all Prizm lenses are polarized, because polarization is not always useful and necessary. It will be a plus, for example, to reduce reflections on the water, which allows you to see better under the surface of the water.

On the other hand, according to Oakley, glare can be a useful indicator in some cases. In golf, for example, the glare will allow you to follow the trajectory of the ball.

On the road, reflections can help you locate wet, slippery surfaces, or icy areas.

Prizm ™ lenses dedicated to sports

Oakley has also developed different Prizm ™ lenses dedicated to different sports. It is the requirements of each sport and its environment that are taken into account in determining the wavelengths of the colors to be optimized.

Prizm™ Road : 

The contrast enhancement of these lenses helps you spot stones and potholes for added safety. Cyclists will appreciate!

example with this Oakley Jaw Breaker pair in Prizm Road lenses

Prizm™ Trail :

These Prizm ™ lenses raise the green level to better detect lines and bring out tree roots. They are perfect for anyone who enjoys mountain biking in the forest, regardless of the light conditions.

You can select these lenses from our sight glasses after you have chosen your pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Prizm™ Golf : 

To accurately predict ball speed and movement, these Prizm ™ Golf lenses enhance contrast to better see the condition of the turf. It will be easier to distinguish the transitions between the fairway, the curbs and the rough.

These lenses are available to order on our site with Oakley Authentic Prescription prescription lenses, on a very large number of Oakley frames!

Prizm™ Deep Water polarized : 

Prizm ™ Deep Water polarized lenses help you see below the surface by filtering out shades of blue that will prevent you from seeing below the depths on the high seas. These lenses will promote the perception of greens and reds and also bright whites for clearly distinguish sparkling fish.

example with this Oakley Split Shot pair in polarized Deep Water lenses

Prizm™ Shallow water polarized: 

Prizm ™ Shallow water lenses are polarized to reduce glare, making it easier to distinguish sparkling fish and flies on the surface. With these glasses, it is the green and copper tints that will be amplified to better identify the shadows of the fish. You get it, these glasses are perfect for fishermen!

Here is an example of an Oakley Holbrook frame fitted with these Shallow water lenses

Pictures @Oakley

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