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The benefits of anti-glare treatment

An anti-reflective coating is composed of different layers that interact on the surface of the lens to reduce the light reflection effect and increase the light transmitted. This treatment therefore offers exceptional visual comfort by eliminating annoying and unattractive reflections that can affect the field of vision, especially during a night driving.

Anti-reflections consist of successive layers of treatment that vary according to the chosen range.

A basic anti-glare includes:

- a layer that hardens the lens, limiting scratches (be careful, it does not make them impossible to scratch!)
- a layer that cuts UV
- a layer that cuts off reflections, improving visual contrast
- a layer that rejects grease (oleophobic) that slide on the surface and provide comfort for the wearer by facilitating the cleaning of lenses

The anti reflective treatment NEVA MAX UV offered by VisioFactory is composed of the four previous layers which were added:

- an antistatic layer, that allows the dust not to hang on the lens
- a layer resistant to micro-scratches

It should be noted that the more the lens is thinned and the more the presence of an anti-glare is recommended in order to have an equipment with good optical quality. On solar lenses, this treatment is only on the back.

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