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Polarized lenses - eliminate glare situations

Special glasses to eliminate glare situations

UV rays form reflections on surfaces such as snow or water and thus produce a source of discomfort or danger. Polarized sunglasses avoid being dazzled by the reverberation of light on these types of surfaces. Your visual comfort is thus significantly improved!

At the time of their manufacture, these sunglasses are provided with an additional polarizing filter directly inserted into the material. This element stops the polarized light rays, that is to say all the rays reflected via a flat surface (wet road, windshield, body of water, ...).

A real asset to better see outdoors

As the glare is reduced or suppressed, the contrast of the environment is increased, the colors are intensified and there is a better perception of reliefs and distances.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are particularly suitable for driving or outdoor activities such as water sports. In town, their use is also a real comfort.

However, they can also prevent the correct reading on some LCDs like the digital speed meters of some cars, or create whitish halos on the lenses surfaces (windshields, telephone screens ...).

Some brands directly equip a range of their collection with lenses of this type. This is particularly the case for most sports glasses : Maui Jim, Oakley, Vuarnet or Julbo. Discover now our catalog of polarized sunglasses.

If you choose to equip your sunglasses with the polarized treatment, the option Xperio® is available on your sunglasses directly in our optical module.

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