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Protect your eyes from screens with blue lenses

Whether at work or at home, your eyes are fixed on screens for long periods. Eye strain from these screens now has a well-identified cause: blue light. Blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes, headaches: the symptoms are unpleasant. To these direct and sensory consequences, we add the long-term effects that are just as harmful for the eyes, namely a weakening of the structures of the eye and an increased risk of developing eye problems and diseases such as AMD (disease where the cells of the retina are no longer functional and causing black spots in the field of view). Unless you want to reduce the amount of time spent in front of screens, wearers and non-wearers can opt for a very simple solution: safety glasses.


The solution that we offer you at Visiofactory is an almost essential option for your future eyeglasses: BBGR Blue® super anti-reflective treated lenses.

The treatment of these lenses filters and removes much of the harmful blue light emitted by your smartphone, computer, television and led lights. 

You do not need to have corrected prescription glasses to benefit from it: select frames with BBGR Blue® lenses without correction, and give your eyes a life-saving rest! These over-the-counter non-prescription eyeglasses are therefore particularly suitable for adults between the ages of 18 and 40 who do not yet need visual correction.

The option is available now at Visiofactory for € 29.95 and is guaranteed for 1 year!
To equip your future glasses, choose in a few clicks the frame that makes you crack and select the option blue lenses in the optical module.


Experts opinion

Laurent, opticien Visiofactory :


"The blue technology is now very widely distributed, but there are different qualities of treatment on the market, the performance of which must be specified.

- "Standard" treatments : of lesser quality, its effectiveness is partial and is suitable for occasional wear. It is present in supermarket or pharmacy and is sold in the form of glasses "pre-mounted", relatively fragile and without service, all for a modest price. A troubleshooting solution so.

-  "Individualized" treatments: distributed by opticians and designed by glass manufacturers with worldwide recognition (Essilor Group, Zeiss, Hoya ..). It is manufactured individually from several micro-layers of treatments and has high optical qualities.

Visiofactory exclusively distributes this last category of "Blue" treatment, in partnership with BBGR, the French leader in ophthalmic solutions and a subsidiary of the Essilor group.

The quality "BBGR" is also unanimously recognized within the profession, especially through the award of several "Silmo d'Or", the ultimate reward for innovation in optics.

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