Cleaning your glasses: tips and tricks


Good practice for the regular cleaning of your glasses

We are intractable: we want a "clean" frame. It must be recognized, after a few days without cleaning, with your fingerprints, dust, mist, or rain, you do not much see ! Your glasses deserve the greatest attention. With good maintenance you prolong them life and enjoy a good quality of vision. In addition, it is not complicated, a few daily actions are enough. Here are our tips.


To do !

1. Use specific products (cleaning spray / sterilized lotion) or warm water with soap for cleaning glasses.

2 . To wipe your glasses, use a cloth-type, anti-static, microfibre cloth that is supplied when you purchase your frame.

3. Remove your fingerprints by using slightly diluted white vinegar, effective against more stubborn fat residues.

To avoid !

Beware of micro-scratches! We forget clothes and paper towel for cleaning because they can damage lenses.



Storing and handling your frame : the right moves!

The indispensable friend of your glasses: its case! It is by taking advantage of its comfort that our frame feels the best protected! Prefer besides a hard case with soft cases and especially .... careful not to slip his glasses in his bag WITHOUT CASE. This is the best way to scratch lenses with a bunch of keys for example. 

To do !

If you do not have a case, always put your glasses on with the temples folded. Hold them with both hands to avoid tension on the temples and early aging of the hinges and spring systems.

 To avoid !

1. The glasses on your head or hung on the collar of your new jacket. There is no better way to drop your equipment and cause a breakage. The Oakley brand, however, has developed on a part of its collection, a unique fixing system named Kick-up that allows to clip his glasses clothes to be sure that they follow you in all your movements.

2. The cords can also be a way to overcome the falls of your mount.

3. Avoid all thermal shocks, whether hot or cold. For example, do not leave your frame in the car during summer. The heat damages the treatments present on the lenses and may distort or even melt your plastic frame.

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