progressive lenses : near and far vision

A - Distant visio  |  B - Near vision  |  C - Blur area

Progressive lenses are suitable for presbyopes. It allows you to see clearly at all distances thanks to different correction zones.

In the upper part of the lenses is the correction to see clear in the distance while the bottom of the glass is dedicated to near vision. These variations of correction result in aberrations or areas of blur present on the sides of the glass between which is a clear vision corridor.

Wide field of vision option: what is it?.

Between correction variations, you need to get used to finding the clear vision corridor. To facilitate this adaptation, there are progressive lenses with wide field. These lenses are characterized by reduced areas of lateral aberration in order to have the widest net vision corridor possible

standard progressive lens
wide field progressive lens

Some tips for use

Find your bearings while taking your time. If you switch from single-unit equipment to progressive equipment, start wearing your new glasses in a familiar environment, at home for a weekend, for example.

To go from near vision to near vision, think of looking down first and not your head.

When driving, be sure to turn your head when checking your exterior mirrors or blind spots. In this way, you will keep your eyes in the clear corrected areas, not in the areas of blurred side aberrations.

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