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We pay great attention to the satisfaction of our customers and try to provide quality services.
To give you the opportunity to express yourself and be sure of your individual expectations and need
, we have engaged the services of two e-commerce solutions for online consumer reviews : "Fia- Net" and "Avis Verifies" advocating both an authenticity review and complete transparency.



We are also proud to display on our website marked " Dealer of Excellence " awarded by Fia-Net for the second consecutive year. This certification attests to the consistency of customer satisfaction and reliability of our online store.

Evaluating our site takes place in 2 stages:  

1. A questionnaire is sent to you by Fia-Net on the day of your order on ;  

2. A second questionnaire is sent by Fia-Net 7 days after the delivery.

All reviews are collected, analyzed and published by Fia- Net , whether they are positive or negative. Anxious to improve the daily quality of our services, we encourage you to answer these 2 questionnaires ! is a reliable website. Click on the links to find out all the reviews .






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