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Vuarnet Edge Sunglasses

The models in the Edge collection feature a sleek, timeless metal frame, wrapped around glasses. These scales of black, gray or beige tortoise color bring sophistication to these sunglasses, which retain a sporting spirit above all else.

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Vuarnet Edge sunglasses: quality lenses and shapes!

The Vuarnet Edge collection is vast with three different frame shapes: you can choose the Small Round Edge, the Edge Driver, the Edge Rectangle and the Round Edge. Vuarnet offers with this model Edge a fine and timeless metal frame, dressed in hoops around glasses.

These tortoiseshell, black, gray or beige strings bring sophistication to these Vuarnet sunglasses that retain a sporting spirit above all else. You will also benefit from the quality of category 3 Vuarnet lenses.

The contrasts are accentuated, the details are perfectly restored. These lenses provide 100% UV protection and filter from 92 to 99% of harmful blue light depending on the model. The famous Skilynx glass is also available on the Vuarnet Edge. Designed for skiing and the mountains, Skilynx glass is a mineral glass that allows you to perceive the relief to the maximum, even during the white days. Anti-glare multilayer, bi-degraded silver mirror treatment, technology is at the heart of these glasses signed by the French manufacturer Vuarnet.

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